Livelihood During Study Leave

You can go on a study leave from work to develop you competence. Studying often means that your income level will decrease. Therefore society supports students financially in a number of ways. A full-time student can apply for a student allowance with Kela. You can also apply for the adult education allowance from the Employment Fund, if you have been in working life at least eight years by the time the allowance will start.

study leave - you can keep your financial on the bright side

Student allowance

Student allowance can replace livelihood during studies. The student allowance consists of a student grant, the government guarantee of a student loan and the housing allowance.  The conditions for granting the allowance are different in vocational and university education. The preconditions for getting the student allowance are full-time studies, progressing in your studies and the need for financial support.

Adult education allowance

You can study as an adult, too. Adult education allowance is meant for securing a livelihood during studies for those who have been in working life for some time already. The precondition for the allowance is at least eight years work history, of which at least one year is in the current employer’s service. The beneficiary of the adult education allowance must be on a study leave from their work. The allowance is meant for studies in educational institutions under public supervision. If you have work income during studies, you can apply for an adult education allowance as an adjusted benefit. Also entrepreneurs can get adult education allowance. The adult education allowance is granted by the Employment Fund.

The vocational examination grant is a one-off incentive that can be granted to a person with a vocational basic or special examination and at least five years’ work history.