Finding a Job

Where to find a job? When finding a job the first step of job search is to find out where to look for work. There may be more ways than you know!

Information on vacancies can be found in various sources:

  • job search sites
  • social media
  • websites of potential workplaces
  • TE services
  • newspapers and free newspapers
  • etc.

A job-seeker can also contact interesting companies directly and enquire whether they have vacancies.

Finding a job sometimes requires special licences or passes. You can sometimes make your job search more effective by acquiring e.g. security steward licence, alcohol passport or other working life license. That way you won’t fall short of a job because you lack them!

All jobs are not advertised so job-seekers should talk to relatives, friends and other networks about their job hunt.

You can also find jobs in various groups in Facebook and Työpaikat (job ads) platform. Vacancies are visible in the news feed and advertisements. You can also search for vacancies with a search function and have an alert on interesting jobs so that Facebook will automatically notify of new vacancies.

Currently many companies outsource recruitment to staffing services that take on the employer’s obligations for the hiring company. Read more on contract work here.

Contract work agencies include:

LinkedIn is a social media focusing on professional networking. Through it you can network, find job advertisements or be found. Some employers and headhunters look for suitable persons in LinkedIn. Vacancies in various industries are advertised in LinkedIn, so it is worth being there.

You can set a search alert in your profile on suitable jobs and a notification to recruiters that you are looking for a job. More information on how to use LinkedIn here.

Did you know that many schools have a job-search site for students and alumni? Some of them are in the school intranet, but many are on open sites for anyone to see. Remember to check out your trade union website, too; some unions maintain their own job-search sites.

If you cannot find a suitable place and you have a specific job in mind, you can submit an open application on most company websites. Include the type of work you are seeking in the open application, and if the company is offering such work within a short time frame, they will already have your application at the ready!

When you find something you see yourself doing for a job. See next applying for a job.