Drug tests for employees

The employer may require that you take a drug test if you have been elected to a job that requires accuracy, reliability, independent discretion or good reaction ability.

Jobs in which the use of drugs could compromise and endanger:

  • your own or another person’s life or health
  • occupational safety and health
  • national defence
  • security of the state
  • road safety
  • the environment (increase the risk of a significant environmental damage)
  • data security of confidential information
  • protection of information gained in duty or significant business secret.

If you are intended to take care of duties

  • in which the employer does not monitor the workspace and significant danger or financial damage can be caused to customers (e.g. home-help service)
  • which involves independent work with minors
  • in which you may get hold of narcotics or medicine used as such.

Source: Työsuojelu.fi

Drug testing during employment

The employer can oblige you to present a drug test certificate during the employment, if the employer has reason to suspect that you are working under the influence of drugs or addicted to drugs. The employer requesting a test must have a written substance abuse programme in use in the occupational health services scheme. The employer is also accountable for the costs of the tests.

Drug testing at work can be requested either by the employer or by the operating unit of the occupational health care. If the employer requests a drug test, you must submit a certificate of the drug test to the employer. If you do not submit the certificate to the employer, you may get a warning or be dismissed, depending on the situation.

The certificate takes a stand on whether you have used drugs for other than medical purposes.  Healthcare professionals participating in testing are required to be familiar with drug testing or have other similar training.

The employer can oblige to a drug test during employment only if:

  • you are justifiably suspected of being under the influence of a drug during working hours or of having a drug addiction
  • you work in a job where drug abuse:
    • seriously puts an employee’s or another person’s life, health or occupational safety at risk;
    • seriously compromises national defence or government security
    • seriously compromises road safety
    • increases the risk of significant environmental damages;
    • seriously jeopardizes the data security of confidential information
    • compromises a business or professional secret
    • may cause illegal trading of medicine or other substances used for intoxication that are accessible due to work.