Minor’s Employment

A minor’s employment refers to the employment of a person under 18 years of age. The Young Workers’ Act is applied to this type of employment. Hence, young people’s rights and duties in an employment are partly defined differently to those of an adult.

It is allowed to employe a person who has turned 15 and finished compulsory education. Furthermore, a person who has turned 14 or will turn 14 in that calendar year can be employed to leppey. Leppey refers to work that does not harm a young person’s health or development nor cause harm to their school attendance.

The employment of a minor is possible, if there is work available. The duration of employment can be no more than half of the school’s holiday season. During schoolwork an under-aged can work temporarily or perform work of otherwise short duration. The employment of a minor is an important introduction into working life.

Minor’s work contract

Minor’s employment does require a work contract just as employing an adult. Once employees are fifteen years old they can sign, terminate and cancel their work contract on their own. On behalf of anybody under 15, the guardian or, with the guardian’s permission, the young person in question can sign the work contract. The guardian has the right to cancel a young person’s work contract, if the cancellation is necessary for their education, development or health.

Students can join unions already when under 18 years old – check the conditions for membership at the trade union of your industry.

For a special reason and with the permission of the Regional State Administrative Agency it is possible to enable temporary work for a person under the age of 14 as a performer or an assistant in art and cultural performances and in other similar events.

The employer must provide a young employee on their or their guardian’s request with a written clarification of the terms and conditions of the work contract prior to entering into the agreement, unless the contract is made in writing or it is a question of domestic work at the employer’s home for one day only.

Young Workers’ Act

The Young Workers’ Act contains regulations of young people’s maximum working time, rest periods and extra work and overtime. In addition, the law regulates on the safety and healthiness, teaching and instruction of work as well as health check-ups.