What to do if you are late for work?

If you overslept or find you will be late for work for another reason, notify your supervisor immediately. Being late for work may affect the colleagues’ and supervisor’s work as well as customers. Mistakes happen and we can all find ourselves in unexpected situations that we cannot prepare for. When late, remember to behave respectfully and make sure to apologize.

What can frequent tardiness result in?

If repeatedly late for work, employees may receive a warning. The purpose of the warning is to tell employees about their misconduct in the employer’s opinion and to give employees an opportunity to correct their actions.  If, despite a warning, an employee keeps coming in late, this may lead to the termination of work contract. The termination of a contract of employment must have a proper and weighty reason, and continual tardiness may be considered such a reason.

If the employee is on a trial period, the employment can be terminated due to tardiness, in which case the employment will end without a notice period. The cancellation of employment during a trial period can take place without a warning.