Did you lose your job?

  • Register with the TE office as an unemployed jobseeker by the first day of your unemployment at the latest.
  • To apply for unemployment benefits, you must ask your most recent employer for a salary certificate. Your union’s unemployment fund will advise you on what must be included in your salary certificate.
  • Apply for unemployment benefits according to the instructions. If you have been a member of your trade union for a sufficient period of time, you are entitled to an earnings-related allowance. Contact your union’s unemployment fund.
  • If you are not a member of a trade union, you can apply for basic allowance and labor market support from Kela.
  • Follow the TE office’s instructions on how to keep your job search valid. Get involved in making your employment plan with the TE office and be active in both services and the job search. 
  • If you find a job, report it to the TE office and the unemployment fund or Kela.
If you loose your job register as an unemployed jobseeker and apply for unemployed benefits.