Income support

Sometimes the situation in life suddenly changes for example due to unemployment or a prolonged illness. In Finland, financial safety nets make sure that you will never be left with nothing.

The basic income support is granted to households whose income does not suffice for the necessary daily expenses, such as housing and food. The income support is a benefit of last resort — so check other benefits you may be entitled to first. With the help of a calculator you can evaluate whether you or your family have a right to income support.

Kela gives a decision on the income support within seven workdays of the arrival of the application. This requires that you have submitted all necessary information to Kela for it to process your application.

Supplementary and preventive income support

If you have special expenses for which you cannot get the basic income support, you can apply for supplementary or preventive income support from the municipal social services.

On your request Kela can pass on your information to the municipal social services to offer more holistic help.

Apply first for a decision on the basic income support with Kela. Indicate in the same application if  you are applying for supplementary or preventive support. Kela will transfer your application to the municipality if the application has other expense items than those considered in the basic income support. Kela can also on your request convey your details to the municipal social services to offer more holistic help.

If you already received a decision of the basic income support you can apply for supplementary and preventive support with the municipality. Notify Kela immediately if your financial situation changes. You can notify of changes online, on a form or in the phone service.