What union to join?

Trade unions consist of associations with employees as members. A trade union is a community supporting the profession and present in the daily life of the workplace. In this community members at the workplace can jointly affect common issues. The shop steward of the company will provide further information on the union he or she represents and on the union that negotiates the collective agreement in the company. One workplace can have associations of various unions and the employees have always a right to decide which union they want to belong to.  

Haaveileva katse

It is voluntary to join a union, but it is every employee’s right. You can and you should join a union already during your studies. You can also change unions if you change the industry or your job changes significantly. It is a good idea to choose a union depending on your sector or duties so that you can get expert help in a potential problem situation. Part of the unions also redirect applicants if they do not represent the industry or profession in question.

93% of young union members would recommend membership to a friend.

Survey Kansalaisnäkökulmia ammatillisesta järjestäytymisestä, 2016

STTK member associations

You can encounter STTK members in your daily life e.g. in hospitals, homes for the elderly, factories, forests, daycare centres, government agencies, banks, insurance companies, offices, churches, libraries, rescue departments or ships.

Suomen konepäällystöliiton logo

Finnish engineering association

Suomen pelastusalan ammattilaiset SPAL:n logo

Finnish rescue professionals SPAL

Meto ry:n logo

LUVA-NATURAL RESOURCES a.k.a Meto – Forestry Experts’ Association

Tehy ry Union of Health and Social Care Professionals

Rakennusinsinöörit ja -arkkitehdit RIA:n logo

RIA The Association of Finnish Construction Engineers and Architects

Meijerialan Ammattilaiset MVL:n logo

The Professional Dairy Association MVL

Kirkon alat ry:n logo

Union of Church Employees

There are three central organizations for wage-earners in Finland: SAK, Akava and STTK. Their members include trade unions, of which STTK’s trade unions are listed above. Trade unions, again, consist of associations with employees as members.