Job-seeker’s checklist

Job application

  • Learn about the background of the workplace
  • Think what you can offer as an employee
  • A personal job applicationstands out, but beware of exaggerations!
  • Ask someone you know for feedback on you job application
  • Explain what you can do and be proud of it!


  • Prepare the CVwith care
  • Ask former supervisors etc. for references
  • Send your references and school certificates with your application and CV on request only
person writing a cv

Job interview

  • Practice the interview situation in advance
  • Think of possible interview questionsand answers to them in advance
  • Have your references and study certificates ready in the interview
  • Note that at the end of the interview the interviewer may ask you if you have any questions on e.g. the work community or the duties
  • Dress neatly and appropriately
  • Act politely