Rules of the workplace

Work is an important part of Finnish people’s lives. Every employee is different and there are various ways of working. Shared workplace rules and compliance with them increase wellbeing at work and the smooth flow of tasks. They make the workplace safe for everyone and allow everyone to be themselves. Certain workplaces have written rules, and they are discussed during induction. In some workplaces, they are simply part of the working culture.

Finnish people are hard-working and conscientious by nature. They want to be good and reliable workers. Workplaces have a low hierarchy, and all employees and personnel groups are equal. Saying ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ and taking others into account are ground rules for a good workplace. When everyone knows what the rules are, any inappropriate behaviour can be dealt with immediately, and everyone enjoys coming to work.

Employees participate in workplace discussions and development. Usually, employees can easily reach their managers and supervisors. In a great place to work, everyone is committed to following every decision made together.

In Finnish workplaces, work is expected to proceed smoothly and productively. Everyone can express their opinions and have their voices heard. Any problems are to be resolved in mutual negotiations between the employer and shop stewards.