How will I cope if the job feels too hard?

Life has its ups and downs, and young people, too, may face various health issues. In case you are concerned about health or have symptoms of an illness, you should, as a rule, seek help at an early stage before the symptoms get worse. In today’s hectic working life, there is an increasing number of symptoms relating to mental wellbeing. Appropriate support and treatment will help before more difficult problems occur that can affect one’s ability to work.

coping at work

If you feel your work load is too high or you find it difficult to manage with your duties, take the opportunities to make your work easier up with your supervisor. Could suitable tools or training make work easier?

You can also always turn to your shop steward or health and safety representative. They have an obligation of confidentiality concerning your affairs unless you wish otherwise. In case e.g. the organization of work or excessive work loads demand changes, they are usually best handled when employees influence things together through the personnel representatives.

Occupational healthcare is familiar with the conditions of the company and supports employees’ health and ability to work. An occupational psychologist’s services should also be available when needed. In addition, occupational health nurses and physicians are trained in the treatment of mental health questions. Many workplaces already have service models in place through which help for depression and anxiety symptoms is provided e.g. via chat or a few therapy appointments.

In case there is room for improvement in the working conditions or work organization, these issues must be addressed. It is good to have services supporting employees’ mental wellbeing are easily available, but we must not forget to fix those possible work-related issues that may have partly been causing the symptoms and bad feelings.

Don’t worry about coping on your own. You can get help from your:

  • superior
  • shop steward
  • health and safety representative
  • occupational health physician or nurse

If you have had to take a sick leave for some reason, it is important that your superior shows an appropriate and empathetic attitude when you return to work. Together with the occupational health service you can plan if arrangements need to made to help the return to work in your case.