What to do if your child falls ill?

Legally, you have a right to stay on a temporary childcare leave for four days, if your under 10-year old child suddenly falls ill. If the child falls ill on a Friday, you can stay on a temporary childcare leave until Wednesday. If you had had work at the weekend, you have to return to work on Tuesday at the latest. If your child’s illness continues after the temporary childcare leave has ended and you cannot arrange for other care for him or her, you should discuss it with your employer.

You must notify the employer of a temporary childcare leave and its estimated duration as soon as possible. This is important because the employer needs time to find a replacement for you if necessary. The purpose of the temporary childcare leave is to focus on the acutely sick child, so you have no obligation to perform your duties then.

Is the temporary childcare leave paid?

The Contracts of Employment Act on guarantees you a right to stay on a temporary childcare leave and to be absent from work. According to most collective labour agreements, parents have a right to full pay during the temporary childcare leave. Collective labour agreements have different provisions regarding the number of days paid (1-4 days). Please refer to your own collective agreement or ask the shop steward in your company. Kela does not pay out benefits on the basis of temporary childcare leave.